We are a team of men and woman survivors, who are out to make a change within our communities.  We will be creating a network that does not dwell on or attempt to "solve" what had happened. Instead  we are focussed on the person, whether this be their interests, their skills, their passions, their health, and  their wellbeing. We don't need to know what brings you to us, but we want you to know that we see you. We understand your struggle, we respect you, and we celebrate you. In your quiet moments, and the real moments of power and celebration, we are with you!

We are here to stay! We are tired of people turning a blind eye to the impact child exploitation and human trafficking creates. We are here to respond to this need and to bring change in our communities. Our values are to ensure that all children's lives will be safer. With the aim to change laws, create new safe homes and places for all children and survivors. This evil has to end today. 


All our merchandise funds go into creating more merchandise and helping with in our community's around the UK and America.